There is a standardized training program which must be completed by every prospective new member. This would normally be done over a series of training meets. Topics covered include night navigation, first aid and casualty handling, radio procedures, search techniques etc. Some Sections have waiting lists 

Applicants for membership are expected to be at least 18 years of age They must be able to demonstrate a knowledge of Dartmoor and be an experienced and capable walker. Training in the special skills required is given by the Group but those who are accepted as members are expected to have the appropriate kit and knowledge to be self-sufficient on the moor for up to 24 hours and have an appropriate First Aid qualification, or be able to take a first aid course soon after joining.

A search can be at any time of year and any time of day (or night). Once the subject is found every team member has a task to ensure the stabilisation and smooth evacuation of the casualty.

Stretcher carry-offs may be several miles over rough terrain and demand a high level of expertise to ensure the casualty arrives at hospital in a condition to allow a speedy recovery. Good teamwork, which only comes from regular practice, is essential so everyone knows they can rely on the others to do what is needed and expected. 

If you think you have the commitment to be a member of the DRG or require further information, then please 


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